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Interested in a community partenrship? We can promote each other’s ideas and projects on our respective platforms, exchange logos and more! For more information regarding community partnerships please contact us here.

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Interested in becoming a sponsor?We are looking for sponsors who are interested in partenring up to support our projects. We thank all current and prospective sponsors for their interest! For more information regarding sponsorships please contact us here.

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Interested in volunteering? We have plenty of exciting projects coming ahead and are looking for like-minded people to join us in our efforts to hack COVID-19! For more information regarding volunteering please contact us here.

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Interested in participating in our upcoming hackathons? We are more than happy to welcome you and your team! For more information regarding our upcoming hackathons please have a look at our upcoming hackathons section. Our next hackathon is “___” and you can apply here.